Windbreaker Jackets

Patagonia Houdini Windbraker

A good windbreaker jacket can be worth its weight in gold.  We went on a quest to find the best one. Many windbreakers are cheap and flimsy, and despite their name don’t protect you well from the elements.  We wanted to find the best windbreaker jackets that held up to nature’s surprises and some normal …

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Bear Spray Guide and FAQ

Being out in the woods, whether you are hiking, fly fishing, paddling, or just exploring, can make for some of the most memorable days of your life.  Maybe you are finding that new trout hole, or the view you haven’t seen before makes it all worth it. With all of the benefits, there are a …

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Common Hiking Injuries

hiking alone

Hiking is a great way to get outside and be immersed in the outdoors, but it carries a little risk too.  There is always a chance of a minor injury, and on very rare occasion you or someone you are with might experience a more major injury.   Here are 7 common hiking injuries and how …

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Canoeing vs. Kayaking

A classic canoe

Canoeing vs. kayaking — These two recreational water vessels are often confused with each other, and we see the term “canoe” and “kayak” are used interchangeably. Nothing is further than the truth! These two crafts are completely different, handle differently, and have different histories.  One of the only similarities is that they are both boats …

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Best Fishing Tackle Boxes for 4 Situations

Fishing requires more than just your rod and reel. Most fishing enthusiasts know that an organized tackle box makes their fishing experience less stressful, safer, easier, and more productive. A good tackle box is a go-to hub for all things fishing, and can ideally reduce the clutter of your fishing trip, as well as your …

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