Altra Trail Running Shoes

altra lone peak review

Best Altra Trail Running Shoes Altra, around since 2009, has earned a strong reputation in the trail running community for delivering some of the most comfortable and functional footwear on the market. Their dedication to a foot-shaped toe box and a nicely-cushioned shoe has made them a favorite of people who look for the best …

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Windbreaker Jackets

Patagonia Houdini Windbraker

A good windbreaker jacket can be worth its weight in gold.  We went on a quest to find the best one. Many windbreakers are cheap and flimsy, and despite their name don’t protect you well from the elements.  We wanted to find the best windbreaker jackets that held up to nature’s surprises and some normal …

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Best Fishing Tackle Boxes for 4 Situations

Fishing requires more than just your rod and reel. Most fishing enthusiasts know that an organized tackle box makes their fishing experience less stressful, safer, easier, and more productive. A good tackle box is a go-to hub for all things fishing, and can ideally reduce the clutter of your fishing trip, as well as your …

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Best 4 Person Tents

4 person tent

When you envision camping, you probably envision a tent. A tent is one of the most basic elements of “roughing it” and sleeping outside, and a 4-person tent just might be the most versatile, all-around size of tent to own. One thing that you need when you go camping is a good tent that will …

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Tropical Delight Gorp Recipe

When going hiking, it is vital to have snacks that have that combination of being easy to haul and packed full of energy. It’s always a plus if it tastes good as well. Gorp is one of those must-pack snacks that checks all the boxes. Although Gorp is said to originally stand for “Good old …

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