Is Trail Mix Healthy?

gorp trail mix

Trail mix is often recognized as the go-to snack to pack when going on any adventure, especially hikes. Have you ever wondered why? The answer is because it is a well balanced and healthy snack that is perfect for keeping your energy levels up and satiating your body when being active. Trail mix is one …

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Savory Fusion Gorp Recipe

There are a million different ways to prepare Gorp. This recipe was created for those who crave snacks more on the savory side. It also is a little outside of the general flavor profiles one finds in traditional Gorp recipes. Gorp is a must pack snack that is vital to keeping you full, as well …

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Best Hiking Snacks

There is nothing worse than being hangry or thirsty on a hike; it can often take the fun out of the experience. So to prevent this from ever happening to you, here are some of the best snack ideas to have on hand when planning for your hike. We are often asked “what are the …

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Tropical Delight Gorp Recipe

When going hiking, it is vital to have snacks that have that combination of being easy to haul and packed full of energy. It’s always a plus if it tastes good as well. Gorp is one of those must-pack snacks that checks all the boxes. Although Gorp is said to originally stand for “Good old …

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