Gorp — the Great Outdoor Recreation Pages — is on a mission to help people explore and enjoy the outdoors.  We are passionate about spreading the word about the world around us, and making it all just a bit more accessible to everyone.

Originally founded in 1995, Gorp was one of the first web resources dedicated exclusively to the outdoors.  Through the years, it has been shaped by many different people — all of whom had a passion for travel, exploration, and appreciating the outdoors.

Today, we are focused on everything from destination guides to how-to tutorials to gear reviews.  Our writers are experienced travelers and outdoor junkies, and whenever possible we use local writers to cover destinations.

Because the future of the outdoors is so important to us, we pledge to give 20% of any profits (made from affiliate commissions on Gorp.com) to organizations supporting both care and accessibility to the outdoors.  Example organizations are:

  • Local Sierra Club Chapters
  • Protect Our Winters
  • Backcountry Anglers and Hunters
  • 1% for the Planet
  • Local organizations protecting public lands