Best Tubes for Tubing

Tubing is the best activities to do while out boating in the summer. It’s exhilarating; the speed, the hard wind, the soaring water, and sometimes even some crazy air. Tubing is also a wonderful activity because it is available to people of almost all ages! Though it can take a fairly significant amount of strength …

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Best Roof Top Tents

tepui roof top tent

Roof top tents have actually been around for quite a while, but they hit the scene in a big way about 8 years ago as some passionate companies decided that it was time to make comfortable rooftop tents for the masses. We should all thank them. Rooftop tents, and rooftop camping, are a key part …

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Sierra Stove Review

The Sierra Stove is a lightweight backpacking stove that can boil water in four minutes. It has a number of cool features that make it a convenient and fun addition to any backpacker’s kit. Weighing only one pound (the set weights two pounds), it still manages to pack a punch with its 100% stainless steel …

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Best Survival Gear

The right gear means high performance in any environment. But when it comes to survival, you’re definitely going to need the right kit to be able to handle anything that comes this way. We tested out a bunch of survival gear on the market today, all gear that we have been using for years.  While …

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How to Choose a Women’s Backpack

Are you on the search for a backpack? Believe it or not, there are actually differences between women’s and men’s backpacks, so it’s important to know exactly what to look for before you buy. In this article, we’ll help you tell the difference between the two, go over what you should consider in your own …

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Best Neck Gaiters

Turtle Fur neck Gaiter

Whether you are shredding the powder, trekking in snowshoes, or just going on a winter walk, it is always important to have the proper gear to keep yourself warm. Unfortunately, one winter piece of gear that doesn’t get the attention that others do are neck gaiters. While they are called neck gaiters for a reason, …

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