Are Carhartt Jackets Good?

carhartt jacket

It seems like Carhartt jackets are everywhere. They have caught-on with everyone from hipsters or to outdoor adventure seekers. What started as an 1800s overall and jacket company for workers has become pretty mainstream. We were skeptical when we saw the rise of Carhartt clothing everywhere, assuming it was just a bit trendy. They did …

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Best Wool Socks

darn tough wool

You will be hard-pressed in life to find someone who does not own at least one pair of good wool socks. They are everywhere for a reason; they’re warm, protective, cushioned, and just about as durable as clothing items come. The best part about them is the product satisfaction- it is extremely difficult to buy …

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Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) is a place that is known all over the country for its breathtaking views and arduous stretches. Spanning a whopping 310 miles from start to finish, thousands of people make an homage to the trail every year. Of course, very few actually choose to hike the entire trail, instead putting …

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What to Look For in a Summer Camp

Summer camps can easily be one of the most influential times in a child’s development. If it is held in a fun, safe, and inclusive environment, a child will easily thrive and grow throughout their time there. The magic of these camps is that a kid can develop strong values and a resilient personality without …

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Aluminum vs. Kevlar Canoes

canoe family

If you have either read the title of this article or searched it up, you are well aware that there are two primary types of canoes: Aluminum and Kevlar. Both have various strengths and weaknesses, and both have their own individual situations where they excel! Here, we will be examining five of the most important …

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Kayak Carts

Nine out of ten times, you will see kayaks being transported via trailers on the rear end of a vehicle. However, if you are reading this right now, you most likely have either seen or thought of an alternative- kayak carts! Kayak carts are an excellent, space-saving, vehicle-free, reliable method to transport a kayak or …

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Insulated Tents and Camping in Winter


Camping in the winter is often a daunting prospect, and for good reason! Sleeping in cold conditions can be dangerous or even fatal without proper preparation. Snow, too, can make it difficult to get up and moving on cold winter mornings. For these reasons, it is of critical importance to be properly equipped with a …

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