Kid-Friendly Fishing

teach a kid to fish

Fishing with children is an amazing way of spending time outdoors. If done correctly, introducing a kid to fishing helps you bond and have a wonderful time together.  Not to mention, you will begin to instill an appreciation for the outdoors in the child. However, if you are not an avid fisherman (or fisherwoman) yourself, …

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How to Store a Sleeping Bag


Whether you are heading out for a fun overnighter or you just got back from one, care for your gear should be a top priority after that well-deserved shower!  There’s nothing worse than getting ready to turn in for the day, unrolling your bag at your gorgeous campsite, and finding mold on your bag. Not …

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Best Ice Drill Bits

The typical ice fishing excursion used to involve one of two methods for cutting through the ice: A manual auger, which worked well as long as the ice was 12 inches or less, or a gas-powered drill, which had lots of power but also brought fumes and required plenty of maintenance. The good thing is …

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Urban Camping

urban metro campsite

Not everyone has the luxury of taking off to the backcountry every weekend. What do you do when you’re an avid camper and live in a city? Enter urban camping. Urban camping is simply camping within an urban or suburban environment. It can be as simple as setting up shop in a public park, unoccupied …

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Shoes For Canoeing

We have spent countless days on canoe trips. We know what it is like to portage on a small trail, carrying a canoe over your head. The only thing standing between your body and the rough trail are your shoes. As either an experienced or aspiring canoe and paddling enthusiast, you know that paddling lakes, …

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Best Portable Solar Panels

When you’re out on a camping trip, there’s nothing more frustrating than running out of power. Sure, you could always bring along a generator, but that’s not always convenient, especially if you’re trying to pack lightweight. That’s where portable solar panels come in! Let’s talk about what these panels are and review some of the …

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Best Ice Fishing Flasher

Ice fishing is one of the activities that Northern anglers most look forward to each winter, and most will tell you that they enjoy fishing through the ice as much as they enjoy fishing from a boat or shore.  Getting out on the ice, even on a slow day, is great, but there is no …

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Best Ice Fishing Gloves

Water is capable of sucking the heat from your body at a rate that is 25 times faster than air. When you are ice fishing, you are already exposing your body to air temperatures that are below freezing. It is imperative that you wear something on your hands that will protect them from the cold …

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