Best Ice Fishing Flasher

Ice fishing is one of the activities that Northern anglers most look forward to each winter, and most will tell you that they enjoy fishing through the ice as much as they enjoy summer fishing from a boat or shore.  Getting out on the ice, even on a slow day, is great, but there is …

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Best Rucksack Backpack

rucksack best

Best Rucksack Backpack: Top Picks Many active people prefer the rucksack-style bag over traditional backpacks, and due to their durability and rugged look, rucksacks have made a comeback in popularity in recent years. Rucksack backpacks are a versatile and essential piece of gear for travelers, hikers, and adventurers alike. They provide ample storage, ergonomic support, …

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Best Kayak Fish Finder

Best Kayak Fish Finder: Top Choices for Paddling Anglers Kayak fishing is one of my favorite outdoor activities, one that combines the peacefulness of kayaking with the thrill of catching fish. If you want to increase the odds of actually catching that fish you are looking for, a kayak fish finder can be an essential …

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Best Freshwater Fishing in Texas

sam rayburn resorvoir

Best Freshwater Fishing Spots in Texas Fishing is the most popular outdoor sport in the United States. Every state has special fishing spots that the locals love, and Texas happens to have an abundance of great places to fish. There are 50 lakes in East Texas alone, so anglers have plenty of opportunities to bring …

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Best Freshwater Fishing Rods

When it comes to fishing for bass, walleye, panfish, and other freshwater species, the rod is perhaps the most critical piece of gear. With a good rod, a reel, and a good tackle box of standard supplies, you can experience great fishing in many places. A good rod allows you to do four things that …

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How to Store a Sleeping Bag


Whether you are heading out for a fun overnighter or you just got back from one, care for your gear should be a top priority after that well-deserved shower!  There’s nothing worse than getting ready to turn in for the day, unrolling your bag at your gorgeous campsite, and finding mold on your bag. Not …

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Hiking Door County

Eagle Trail door county hiking

Door County, Wisconsin, is a special place. Situated on the “thumb” of Wisconsin, jutting out into Lake Michigan, it has a climate, feel, and terrain all its own. Door County is a bit of a mecca for foodies, hikers, and cyclists alike.  If you are into hiking and headed to door county, remember your hiking …

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