How To Walk On Ice

One of the most significant issues we struggle with in colder climates during the winter is all the ice we have to walk on.  Knowing how to walk on ice is actually a bit of a learned skill. The cold doesn’t always bother us, because you can layer-up with your best thermal underwear, fleeces, and …

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Guide to Kayak Storage

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of things taking up space in your home. And if you’re a kayaker, you probably have a kayak or two taking up even more space. Since so much paddling gear, including the vessels themselves, is usually big and bulky, it can be tough to find a …

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Great Fly Fishing Destinations in the North

When considering the best fly-fishing destinations don’t overlook the North country. Iconic movies like A River Runs Through It show off the great fly fishing of the Mountain West, and fishing in Montana and Idaho is magical indeed. But the North holds some of the most underrated (and, in some cases, underfished) fly fishing spots …

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