5 Best Hunting Boots

Perfekt Hunting Boot

Hunters should get themselves fully prepared before heading out, and nothing ruins a hunt like having sore or wet feet. Since hunting normally involves lots of walking, footwear is critical to a good experience, and built-for-purpose hunting boots are normally the natural choice. Resist the urge to wear normal hiking boots.  Hiking boots can be …

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Guide to Hiking Near Bozeman

Bozeman hikes

Bozeman is a great mountain town with no shortage of activities, and arguably the number one thing to do there when you are not skiing is hiking. Surrounded by mountains on three sides and being only an hour from Big Sky, hikes in the area are plentiful and gorgeous. Because of the varying terrain, there …

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5 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots

Boots that can handle slick and muddy trails are key for any seasoned or beginner hiker. Weather and conditions can drastically change during even just a day hike, so versatility a must. When dealing with muddy, wet environments, or simply the occasional stream to cross on your hike, the need to keep your feet dry …

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Camping Saw Buyers Guide

For many, the area around a campfire is one of the most sacred in the world. Being able to get down and make your own campfire is a hallmark of the camping experience. Plus it is essential to keeping warm, cooking food, and even creating a smokescreen to keep mosquitoes away. The catch to campfires, …

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Hiking the Superior Hiking Trail

The Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) is a place that is known all over the country for its breathtaking views and arduous stretches. Spanning a whopping 310 miles from start to finish, thousands of people make an homage to the trail every year. Of course, very few actually choose to hike the entire trail, instead putting …

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Best Tubes for Tubing

Tubing is the best activities to do while out boating in the summer. It’s exhilarating; the speed, the hard wind, the soaring water, and sometimes even some crazy air. Tubing is also a wonderful activity because it is available to people of almost all ages! Though it can take a fairly significant amount of strength …

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Caving is an extremely fun and exciting activity to participate in. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely has its own large community, which is made up of people known as spelunkers! People of all skill levels are involved in caving, and for many it is an unrivaled source of both excitement and exercise. Join …

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