Exploring the Salton Sea

man at salton sea

If you’re looking for an off-the-beaten path, natural destination, Salton Sea is a great option to consider. This lake was formed in the 1900’s by an irrigation accident with the Colorado River. It’s now a tourist attraction and provides a great opportunity to explore its beaches and coves. The Salton Sea is not far from …

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Best Neck Gaiters

Turtle Fur neck Gaiter

Whether you are shredding the powder, trekking in snowshoes, or just going on a winter walk, it is always important to have the proper gear to keep yourself warm. Unfortunately, one winter piece of gear that doesn’t get the attention that others do are neck gaiters. While they are called neck gaiters for a reason, …

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National Parks in Mexico

Nevado de toluca national park, mexico

There are 67 national parks in Mexico, which make up nearly one-fifth of the world’s protected area. But what is considered a national park in Mexico? National parks, or “Parques Nacionales” in Spanish, are considered the first protection level for natural resources. They are one of the most popular tourist destinations for both locals and …

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Visiting the Bitterroot Mountains

The Rocky Mountains is a mountain range that has made its name for its dynamic peaks and widespread presence. However, while it’s prominent, it has several sub-ranges, such as the Bitterroot Mountains, that should be acknowledged. So what are the Bitterroot Mountains? Where are they? How do you get there? Well, to begin with, the …

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Hiking Colchuck Lake

Summer is an amazing time to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family. Many people during this time of the year are looking for the next best hiking adventure. For residents and tourists traveling through the Washington State area and looking to hike, Colchuck Lake should be on their list along with some of our …

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