3 Best Waterproof Socks

One of the worst things on a hike is wet socks! Not only do your feet get cold and soaked, if left unchanged, they can lead to loss of circulation, blisters, and problems with nerve function! Waterproof socks, though, can be comfortable, warm, and – most importantly – keep that water out. So what should …

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Birding and Birdwatching: Basics and Gear

birding watching

Birds are amazing animals. They come in an astonishing variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Yet despite this diversity, all birds share some essential traits: they have two wings (some also have a tail), beaks for eating and nesting, feathers for insulation and flying, and hollow bones for lightness. There’s no better way to explore …

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Outdoor Hygiene Tips

washing outdoors

Outdoor Hygiene Tips It’s no secret that having good hygiene is essential to healthy living. How do you keep on top of hygiene when you’re in the great outdoors? It is a lot easier to keep up in the comfort of your own home simply because you have everything you need within reach. Hygiene outdoors …

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Walking in Europe

london walking

Europe is a continent of many different cultures, languages, and landscapes.  Europe, generally speaking, is a very walkable content to visit, too.  That is one reason so many love visiting. A walk around Europe will be an unforgettable experience in itself — but there are some tips and notes you should remember to make the …

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7 Best Paddling Towns in the US

Do you love kayaking, canoeing, and stand up paddleboarding (SUP)? Then this is the list for you! We’ve highlighted seven of the best paddling towns in the United States. And we didn’t focus on one area either! This list contains some fantastic places in Great Lakes, the Northeast, the Northwest, and the South. Which of …

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Hikes with Dogs

Dogs crave adventure, especially in the outdoors with their best friend (that would be you). There’s something special about watch a dog trot along the trail, greedily inhaling scents of game and fallen logs. The well trained will alert you to things you might have otherwise overlooked—from birds and beetles to other hidden animals and …

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Best Birding Field Guides

From tiny wrens to pretty bluebirds, juvenile hawks, and even some terns, bird life is plentiful in my backyard and the nearby bird sanctuaries. But figuring out what kind of birds they are can be challenging until a friend prompted me to start looking at bird guides. A birding field guide is the answer. Every …

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Best Survival Gear

The right gear means high performance in any environment. But when it comes to survival, you’re definitely going to need the right kit to be able to handle anything that comes this way. We tested out a bunch of survival gear on the market today, all gear that we have been using for years.  While …

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