Deuter Kid Comfort Review

Going on a hike with a toddler sometimes seems like an impossible task. Don’t let that keep you off the trails, though!  We have you covered.

Using a child carrier like the Deuter Kid Comfort makes carrying a toddler on your back a breeze.

The Kid Comfort is lightweight (7lbs, 2oz) and comfortable for both you and your child. Not only is it durable, but its five-point harness system, forgiving suspension, and child-size adjustability making it one of the best child carriers for long commutes on foot.

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Deuter Kid Comfort Consumer Reviews

Deuter is known for making quality packs, including one of our favorite fanny packs on the market. When it comes to kid carriers, they are skilled designers. One of their popular models, the Kid Comfort, is no exception. REI received a 4.8/5 star rating out of 26 reviews and a 4.7/5 out of 189Deuter Kid Comfort reviews on Amazon.

The Deuter Lives Up To Its Comfort Name

If you put comfort in your product name, then you better be able to back it up. Deuter didn’t disappoint consumers who are looking for a child carrier backpack that would be comfortable for long walks.

Its removable soft pillow, airy cabin, and side support cushions are perfect for the child to take a nap at any time. If your child is still napping when you reach your destination, you can simply slip off the carrier and lock in the kickstand. The kickstand tip-resistant technology sits the pack in an upright position so the child can continue to rest.

Not enough shade for your child? Children can get overheated easily, so Kid Comfort offers a pop-up shade to protect them from the heat, wind, and rain. The sun or rain roof is detachable and is compatible with a deluxe rain cover (sold separately).

The Deuter will carry a child for longer hikes than you would expect — up to 4 hours of comfort assuming you are in decent shape.  Kids will enjoy it — well, we cannot speak for every kid, but most will find it a great way to experience nature.

Comfortable To Carry

Parents will be glad to know that the Kid Comfort is just as comfortable and adjustable for them too.

Hauling a child in a hiking carrier can be challenging for an adult in two ways: It can be hot and sweaty, and it can stress your shoulders, back, or abdomen.

Carrying a child on your back can be a sweaty job. The carriers mesh back provides ventilation on three sides, bringing down perspiration by 25%. The pack is designed with an arched back that transfers 70% of the load weight to the hips, reducing stress on the back and shoulders.

Other consumers rave that the Kid Comfort is easy to adjust from one person to another, so it’s not a hassle taking turns carrying the child on a long hike. You can quickly adjust the ventilated shoulder, hip, and chest straps for a custom fit.

One nice thing about the Deuter Kid Comfort is that it carries the child high enough to give them a decent view on the hike, but without feeling “top-heavy” for the adult. We have used carriers in the past that felt too top-heavy, causing balance issues which obviously you never want with a little one in tow.

Plenty of Storage Deuter Kid Comfort

This wouldn’t be a top child carrier if it didn’t have a place to put all snacks and juice packs! The carrier’s two elastic side pockets, an elastic front pocket, a large bottom compartment with a zipper, and a large stretch pocket on the back provide a sufficient amount of storage for most day trips. There’s also an extra compartment that fits a 3L bladder for water.

This kind of storage is unexpected to many who use it and assume that the carrier only is built to carry a child.  It has enough storage for a multi-hour hike.

Additional Deuter Kid Comfort Features Worth Noting

The Kid Comfort has features that are meant for the end of your journey. The carrier has 3m reflectors to help increase visibility during low light. It is also equipped with a side entry that makes it easy to access the harnesses and unloading the child. When you are done for the day, the pack folds and has two handles for easy transport.


Without question, the Kid Comfort is one of the best backpack child carriers on the market right now. However, it does have some downsides that are worth mentioning.

One of the main downsides is that it is on the pricier side compared to other carriers. With a price tag of $300, it’s a large investment if you plan to use it occasionally.

Consumers have also commented that the sunshade doesn’t protect the sides. This could be an issue on hotter days with low cover.

Lastly, the child buckles and straps can be confusing to assemble the first couple of times. The carriers come with instructions, but they could be easier to understand.

Who Is It Great For?

Deuter designed the Kid Comfort for families that enjoy exploring the outdoors. Its lightweight and comfortable design are great for long hikes and walks. Its durable construction makes it an excellent choice for families who plan to have more little ones down the road.

Deuter Kid Comfort Active vs. Kid Comfort Pro

You will notice that there is an Active version (which this review is largely based on) and a Pro version.  Is the Pro worth the additional expense?

For some, it is.  Here is what you get in the Pro that you don’t get in the Active.

  • More adjustability.  The Pro is more adjustable for the adults, accommodating both taller wearers and shorter ones.  This is great if two parents are of substantially different heights.
  • A detachable 2nd pack.  There is a 2nd backpack the tucks in securely right under the child’s bottom.  This extra space can be handy, and it is design to be worn on the front if desired, and can actually be a 2nd pack for a 2nd person if detached.
  • Better Mesh.  The mesh on both models is great, but the mesh on the Pro is a step above allowing for even more cooling.

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In Conclusion Deuter Kid Comfort

Deuter did a fantastic job on the Kid Comfort child carrier. It’s comfortable for the child and the parents, lightweight, durable, and has plenty of storage compartments for a day trip. Like any great backpack, construction is solid and it should last for a long time if taken care of properly. Overall, the Deuter Kid Comfort is an excellent match for families who do a lot of outdoor activities.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Deuter Kid Comfort

Is there a max height capacity for the child?

Deuter doesn’t state that there is a maximum height for a child. As long as the carrier isn’t over the maximum weight, then the carrier can be used with no issues.

Is there a compartment for a water bladder?

Yes! There is a long side compartment that is compatible for a water system.

What is the length of the hip belt?

The hip belt has a waist circumference of 54.”

Is the sunroof included with the purchase?

Yes, the detachable sunroof is included with the carrier.

What is the frame made out of?

The frame is made out of aluminum.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Kid Comfort?

The max weight capacity is 48lbs, 8oz. This includes the gear, backpack, and child.

What does the carrier weigh?

The backpack carrier weighs 7lbs. 2oz.

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