Tips for Canoeing

Canoeing, from the outside, looks awfully easy, just like other types of paddling. You might see others glide effortlessly through the water without a thought, and it seems you need little more than a breeze to move you along the crystal highway between the trees. Wait! Though the serenity aspect of this scene is true, …

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Best Birding Field Guides

From tiny wrens to pretty bluebirds, juvenile hawks, and even some terns, bird life is plentiful in my backyard and the nearby bird sanctuaries. But figuring out what kind of birds they are can be challenging until a friend prompted me to start looking at bird guides. A birding field guide is the answer. Every …

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Caving is an extremely fun and exciting activity to participate in. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely has its own large community, which is made up of people known as spelunkers! People of all skill levels are involved in caving, and for many it is an unrivaled source of both excitement and exercise. Join …

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